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LO PLL USB MAX2871 ADF4350 ADF4351

Developers: UR3IQO & US4ICI

The frequency synthesizer module can be used in several operation modes:

  • Signal source controlled from the PC;
  • Autonomous signal source which can generate four frequencies preprogrammed by the user;
  • Beacon which can send CW text, the scan mode with up to four frequencies is also available. All beacon parameters are user programmable.

Module specifications depends of the installed synthesizer chip, see table below for the details:

Parameter Value
ADF4350 ADF4351 MAX2871
Frequency range, MHz 137.5..4400 35..4400 23.5..6000
Output level (not less then), dBm +10 +10 +10 *
Signal suppression in CW pauses, dB -70
Power supply voltage, V +5
Supply current, mA 150
Dimensions (L х W х H), mm 54 x 29 x 6

* Up to 4.5 GHz output frequency, output level is not less then +5 dBm at higher frequencies.

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