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Q. What kind of products are you represent?
A. Mostly LNAs for 6m 2m 70cm 23cm and 21cm bands. We also manufacture transverters, PAs and other hamradio equipment. You can find current list of our products here.

Q. Do I need any additional equipment for you LNAs?
Yes, you need to provide RF Relays (for LNAs without bypass) and sequencer for authomatic RX/TX switching and correct delays. We don’t provide RF Relays additionally, Sequencer PCB you can find here.

Q. Can I power your LNA through the coaxial feeder?
A. Yes, you can power all LNAs through the feeder (if your transceiver supports this feature) except QRO edition LNAs (with high Pmax TX bypass).

Q. Are your products waterproof?
A. Our products are designed to work in the field, aluminium case itself is waterproof. However, there is a possibility of getting water through the holes of the screws with prolonged exposure of the moisture on the device.
So don’t immerse the device to the water and it is highly undesirable to prolonged exposure of the water. Its better to take appropriate measures to protect the device.

Q. Can I get LNAs with specific connectors type or just an assembled and tested PCB (without case)?
A. All LNAs goes in milled aluminium case with N-female connectors by default. Ordering PCBs is not recommended (we can’t guarantee specs parameters this way). If you need specific connectors type, please, contact with sales department. Please notice that non-default orders usually takes more time for assembly.

Q. I don’t have PAYPAL. Can I pay for your products another way?
A. Yes, please, contact with sales department for additional options.