How to pay with Paypal guide

Please, follow this steps while complete the payment.

1. Log in to your Paypal account

Log In to your PayPal account
Step 1 Log In to your PayPal account


2. Go to ‘Send Payments’ option in the top menu bar and select ‘Pay for goods or services’ option

Send payments
Step 2 Send payments


3. Set ‘Email Address or Name’ field to and proceed with the ‘Next’ button

Pay for goods or services
Step 3 Pay for goods or services


4. Make sure to set up ‘Recipient receives’ currency field to USD in order to avoid Exchange rate conversion on our side and ‘Add a note’ (if needed). Check ‘Your shipping address’ field carefully and adjust it if needed. Proceed with ‘Continue’ and ‘Send now’ buttons when ready

Preview your payment
Step 4 Preview your payment


5. Notify us with email to with your shipping address and phone number (in case you want to specify it for shipping carrier) when complete the transfer

Transfer complete
Step 5 Transfer complete