Ultra low noise signal source

Ultra Low Noise Signal Source for HF receivers testing.

The Ultra low noise signal source generates clean CW signal in 40m HF amateur band with calibrated power and ultra low phase noise.

The source can be used for testing HF receivers and measuring their parameters such as RMDR, IMD3 DR, BDR. It can also be used for S-meter checking / calibration and other purposes that require clean and stable CW signal.

Table 1. Specifications
Parameter Min Typical Max
Frequency, kHz 7151 7153 7155
7138 7140 7142
Output power, dBm +4.5 +5 +5.5
Phase noise, dBc/Hz
1kHz offset -163
10kHz offset < -180
Supply voltage, V 3.5 6
Dimensions, mm 57 x 50 x 15

There are two versions of the source for the two different 40m frequencies. Make sure to select the proper one.


Latest update Rev. 1 (Release date — 2019-12-18):

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Ultra-low-noise-signal-source appearance from 2019-12-18
Fig. 1 Ultra-low-noise-signal-source appearance from 2019-12-18