Инструкция по оплате Paypal

Данный вариант подходит для всех стран, за исключением России.

1. Log in to your Paypal account

Log In to your PayPal account
Step 1 Log In to your PayPal account

2. Go to ‘Send Payments’ option in the top menu bar and select ‘Pay for goods or services’ option

Send payments
Step 2 Send payments

3. Set ‘Email Address or Name’ field to aleksander.malsh@gmail.com and proceed with the ‘Next’ button

Pay for goods or services
Step 3 Pay for goods or services

4. Make sure to set up ‘Recipient receives’ currency field to USD in order to avoid Exchange rate conversion on our side and ‘Add a note’ (if needed). Check ‘Your shipping address’ field carefully and adjust it if needed. Proceed with ‘Continue’ and ‘Send now’ buttons when ready

Preview your payment
Step 4 Preview your payment

5. Notify us with email to sales@vhfdesign.com with your shipping address and phone number (optional, in case you want to specify it for shipping carrier) when complete the transfer

Transfer complete
Step 5 Transfer complete