AngeliaLite is an OpenHPSDR compatible transceiver.

It intended to be used as the base of the OpenHPSDR compatible transceiver. You need to add just some additional filtering for receiver and PA/LPFs for transmitter to make a full featured high performance HF SDR transceiver. A VHF/microwave transceiver can also be made by adding transverter to the AngeliaLite.


AngeliaLite consists of two boards – the SDR module and the interface board.

The SDR module has two RX inputs (with DVGA and 14bits AD9255 ADC) and one TX output (with 14bits AD9744 DAC). There are also Cyclone 4 FPGA EP4CE22E22, configuration memory and all necessary components for clocking and power it up. The ADCs are clocked at 77.76MHz and the DAC is clocked at 155.52MHz by the low noise ABLJO-155.52MHz VCXO.

The interface board contains Eternet PHY, standard ALEX, OC, keyer and PTT interfaces, four analog inputs, diagnostic LEDs, switching regulator (so it can be powered from the single 12V supply), microcontroller (used to interface SDR module to standard OpenHPSDR interfaces, IP and MAC addresses management) and power supply to power boards from the single 12V power supply.

The schematics for both boards, FPGA source code and FPGA/MCU compiled firmware are available on the GitHub:



Name AngeliaLite
Architecture Direct Sampling DDC/DUC Transceiver
Interface Ethernet (100Mb/s)
TCXO Stability ±0.5 ppm
RX ports Two SMA connectors (each ADC has dedicated input)
TX ports SMA connector
Receiver Architecture Direct Sampling / Digital Down Conversion
ADC Two 14 bit Phase Synchronous ADCs @ 77.76MSPS. Hardware supports 4 independent receivers assignable to either ADC
Frequency Coverage 1 MHz to 35 MHz (1st Nyquist zone) and 45 MHz to 65 MHz (2nd Nyquist zone), reception below 1 MHz is possible with some RX parameters degradation
Input filtering LPF with 65 MHz cutoff frequency
Attenuator 0 .. 31 dB, 1 dB step attenuator
Transmitter Architecture Digital Up Conversion
DAC 14 bit @ 155.52 MSPS
RF Output Power -3 .. -5 dBm
Transmitter phase noise -140 dBc/Hz (at >1 kHz offset and max. drive settings)
Supply voltage +8 .. 15 V DC
Supply current 0.5 A
Weight 100 g (approx.)
Dimensions (two boards stacked) 100 x 85 x 35 mm
Package contains
1 x AngeliaLite

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