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Sequencer PCB for LNA, PA, RF-Relays, Transceiver

sequencer pcb

This sequencer is designed for CO-OP work with VHF radio equipment including transceiver, PA and LNA. The main device’s assignment – ensure the inclusion order of devices listed above with correct order and delays. The circuit solution basis was taken from W6PQL. Some changes were applied to the scheme. This changes allow to use the sequencer in the best way in VHF radio stations conditions. The sequencer is built on LM224D operational amplifier.


  • Model: 5-ports-4-event-sequencer
  • Board material: FR4 1.5mm
  • Output: P1-P4 – 50V/3A(max), P5 – 30V/7A(max)
  • DC voltage: 12V or 12V and 12-30V for P5 only
  • Dimensions: 65 mm x 50 mm
  • Assembled in Ukraine

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