Developer: US4ICI PLL contains 2200 — 4400 MHz VCO. VCO frequency divider (multiple of 1/2/4/8/16) allows to synthesize frequencies from 137.5 MHz to 4400 MHz. A good phase noise (approximately -100 dBc/Hz, 10 kHz at a frequency of 1152 MHz). This development designed to be used as SHF LO (beacon, transverter) at a fixed frequency. …

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LNA EME SKY67151 for 23cm and 21cm bands

Low noise amplifiers for 23cm and 21cm bands, based on SKY67151 (one cascade edition) and SKY67151 in the 1st cascade and PGA103+ in 2nd cascade (two cascades edition), with power through the feeder support, installed in milled aluminum case with N-female input and output connectors.

SHF converter

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